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Miley Cyrus - Flowers - Top Hits Video in YouTube Right now

 Miley Cyrus with her last song whose title, Flowers, can be considered as the top video hits on YouTube for the last four weeks due to the amount of views it has on that digital video platform so far,Don't have the slightest doubt, many followers love this topic, which represents all single women.

This song is liberating. Scrotum male has to know that a woman's power doesn't depend on him. We have the power to rebuild ourselves, and infinitely better. Our strength does not depend on anyone but ourselves. And we can love each other. This love is ours, it is divine, from the divinity that is within us and they have no idea how great it is.

when someone broke the bouquet of flowers that he had just given me, throwing it to the ground while shouting that he was never going to receive flowers again and it was true, I didn't even receive them from him the day his son was born years later. I listened thousands of times this song and I'll wait a few days for the florist to bring my favorite flowers to give them to me. luckily he never gave me jasmine, luckily the flower tattoo on my back never ran through... luckily there are women who don't stay 20 years without feeling themselves. luckily Miley has that art that heals in her songs and represents many of us. thank you for that, 

Miley Cyrus - Flowers - Top Hits Video in YouTube Right now Reviewed by kribie on March 03, 2023 Rating: 5

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