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It doesn't matter what you think - Surviving in the street is not easy - Hip Hop beats by Egonard

It doesn't matter what you think. what matters is what you do when surviving on the street is the only option you have right now. You can complain about a situation, denounce all the bad things that exist in the poor neighborhoods, tell a story using the lyrics in each of the verses of a rap song, but your situation and that of yours is not in the hands of the government or others is only in your hands.

without justice there is no country, because surviving alone on the street is not easy no matter how many say otherwise and more so when you grow up without your parents and a government that you see not as a person but as a criminal if you live in the slums of New York, Chicago and Atlanta.


As a rapper it is possible that hip hop rap culture is important in your life as a source in each of your tracks, but something that you must understand hip hop culture as well as inspire you to speak out in those around you, it is also The same hip hop culture if you take it too seriously will limit your growth as people who want the best for themselves, but also in the neighborhoods that try to tell their story. 

When you listen to the lyrics of this song, you discover that others have power over us because we have given it to them. You discover that there is a war in the street, not to get rid of poverty, social exclusion and crime levels, a war between the same rappers, who believe that by fighting among themselves the problems of blacks will be solved. In each of the verses of this track you will hear a series of reflective ideas on what is the best way to get out of poverty.

How much does hip hop culture influence black youth?

 Many critics of the hip hop and rap genre allege that the messages of violence in many of the lyrics of these songs could be motivation for some young people to try to live the lifestyle displayed by some rappers.

  Type of lifestyle where drug use, criminality and gang behavior is something that negatively affects young people, who look to these rappers as an example to follow, who use violence in the lyrics of songs to attract the attention of those who follow these rappers Something that we must accept life on the street is not easy and more so when poverty is part of that life.

Perhaps that is why right now there are many young people who live in the poorest neighborhoods of the nation, many of them aspire to be a rapper, just like many of these rap artists, who have a questionable lifestyle, not understanding that much of them, it's all just a show. When you listen to this song written by Egonard, you could say that it is a song of social denunciation, but deep down this type of lyric simply reflects a truth that many young people who are part of the hip hop culture do not want to hear.
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