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Egonard | A new generation of music production

Enogard: It's a product of a hip hop and rap track that nobody knows about, much less when we talk about the type of music from the urban world that is trending right now. Maybe it's because of the poor quality of his production, poorly done mixing, a sound from the past of classic hip hop that nobody listens to, but also because of how badly he raps,

When you have a type of sound considered unique, you have your own style of producing hip hop and rap instrumentals when you listen to those songs which use using hip hop instrumentals, and rap in the melody, type of sound in the beats that fans of this urban music want to hear through streaming platforms such as Spotify, a type of instrument that attracts the attention of those who consume this type of digital music.

Egonardvibe in Spotify


Right now all artists, singer-songwriters, songwriters, but above all music producers and promoters know that the best place to promote any type of digital product, especially when we talk about songs, the Spotify platform is the ideal place if you want your audience to listen to their changes, but also for the artists it is a way to make more money with your product that you offer to the millions of followers who follow and listen to your songs on all social networks, radio programming but also on all digital platforms that promote music as the case of spotify.
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