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if you change your mind, One of the top hits of Claude Ocean in Spotify


When talking about the track "if you change your mind" written and directed by Claude Ocean it is a new phenomenon in the world of music. When you listen to the lyrics of this song, the beauty in the voice of the interpreter, but also the unique style of melody that is telling you as a fan of romantic music that you are in front of One of the top hits of Claude Ocean, from That you can be sure, one of the songs that previous years was heard by thousands of radio listeners on Spotify.

This New albums and new singles, whatever the moods or the genres, have no doubt that this type of Lyrics with depth and the stories to match is something that is new in the world of music right now, which is part of new world trend  when we talk about music apps like Play Music, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music and iHeart are some of the digital platforms where millions of the audience listen to their preferred style and genre of music.


If you change your mind it is an emotional song which is part of the history of many marriages in which separation is part of the solution without thinking about the children. An inspiration for those mothers who wait for the father of the children to return so that everything is the same as before. You have no doubt it is a beautiful lyric in an atmosphere full of hope and tomorrow everything will be much better for the whole family.

Why is the track "If you change your mind" one of the most listened to and downloaded songs on digital platforms?

Have no doubt that when Claude Ocean Choose the rhythm and beat this song really matches the lyrics and mood of the song, but also the genre, using a basic melody on piano, but also the guitar melody in the background of this track .

There is no doubt that with this song Claude Ocean showed that he has the musical talent to compose romantic songs that reach the hearts of listeners. We all know that there are millions of new and old songs that have the same three and four chord progressions, maybe that's why some of these songs get stuck in our heads.
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